I’ve known since I was eight years old that I wanted to be a psychologist. I’ve always been a strong person mentally, the typical as “tough as nails” person. It’s still true today. I’ve always been an easy going woman, but one who could speak out and say what needed to be said when needed. My parents divorced when I was 10. While it wasn’t a horrible divorce, growing up with a single mom who was unprepared to be single shaped some of my early and current beliefs. It solidified my desire to get my education at any cost. I did not want to depend on a man to support me. No way, no how. I watched my mother do it time and time again, always wondering why she sacrificed what she needed in a relationship to be with some of the most ridiculous men on the planet. I have followed my passion. I found my voice as a strong, outspoken, and educated woman. I was mature enough to go with the flow on most things, but smart enough to be outspoken when necessary. I have a voice unique to me and I am choosing to use my voice to help them locate theirs.